MNT 2015 Conference – Come Join Us!

5th Annual Micro Nano Tech Conference

Come join Matt and the rest of the Micro Nano Tech Educational Gang in Seattle this June!  There are plenty of hands-on activities to bring to your STEM students in addition to getting your hands on a ton of educational materials!  Check out the conference link above!

Conference Description:

MNT is an opportunity to build and foster the micro- and nano- technology communities across the country. It is a venue to share ideas and to learn from others who work to train technicians, a place to stay on the forefront of the industry and workforce needs.

Participants will:

  • Augment existing Micro/Nano technical expertise
  • Expand their expertise in related technologies
  • Gather ideas for program development and improvement
  • Access and share nationally developed resource materials
  • Learn about workplace knowledge, skills, and abilities requirements in technical education programs
  • Recognize leaders in their efforts to promote students success and workforce development

MNT is collaboration of the six Mirco- and Nano- technology Regional Centers funded through the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education program. This year’s event is proudly hosted by Seattle’s Hub for Industry-driven Nanotechnology Education (SHINE) at North Seattle College. We are excited to have this opportunity to share our knowledge and lessons learned along with the other regional centers and the many educators around the country that are working hard to educate micro- and nano- technicians.

Please join us for another exciting year of networking and learning together.


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